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The Great Substitutionary Work


God does not forgive sins, He forgives sinners.

Sins must be paid for!

That’s why Jesus came..
God made it so that He can be a just God.. And also the Justifier of all who believe. Rom. 3:25

In being the Justifier, He declared us righteous when the price / requirements were paid in full by Jesus Christ..

He said the soul that sinneth shall die..
And because He is a Just God, He cannot go back on His word and that’s why someone needs to pay.

And this was what Christ did.. He took our place that we may be free..

But the good new is that after He freed us, He himself did not remain in that state of sin separation, death and hell..
He conquered sin, separation, death, hell and Satan so now, both we and Himself are both free..

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