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The Progressive Revelation Of The Higher Life For A Successful Living


1 Thessalonians 5:23

Human is tripartite creatures (spirit, soul and body), which have the ability to be conscious of three realms. The first and lowest realm is the Body, and then the Soul and the highest of them all is the spirit.


  1. THE BODY (The Body is a composition of the Organ, the Elements, and the Senses)
    1. The Body Organs (both the internal and external organs including the brain)
    1. The Body Elements
    1. The Senses
  1. THE SOUL (The Soul is a composition of the Mind, the Will, and the Emotion)
    1. The Mind – Jeremiah 31:33
      1. To Know
      1. To Remember
      1. To Think
      1. To Consider
    1. The Will – Job 7:15
      1. Purposes
      1. To Make Choice
      1. To Make Decision
    1. The Emotion – 2 Samuel 5:8
      1. To Love or hate
      1. To Like or dislike
      1. To Be joyful or grieved.
  1. SPIRIT (the spirit is known by the functions of the conscience, the fellowship, and the intuition).
    1. The Conscience (The conscience is also the part of the spirit that came alive (i.e. born again experience)- Romans 9:1; Romans 8:16; Hebrew 9:14
      1. To discern or perceive right from wrong,
      1. To justify or to condemn.
    1. The Fellowship – John 4:24
      1. To Communion with God.
      1. To Contact God.
      1. To Touch God.
    1. The Intuition – 1 Corinthians 2:11
      1. Direct Sense or Knowledge. There is such a direct sense in our spirit, regardless of reason, circumstances, or background. It is a sense without reason, a sense that is not “reasonable.” It is a direct sense of God and direct knowledge from God. This function is what we call the intuition of the spirit.
  1. HEART
    1. The heart is a composition of the first part of the spirit which is the conscience and all the three parts of the soul which are the mind, the will, and the emotion
    1. The mysterious tied together of the soul and the spirit is called the “heart”. The Heart is the bridge between the soul and the spirit. The heart is not a separate part in addition to the spirit and the soul.


The body is obvious. It’s the physical part of the human that can both be seen and touch. Our body is composed of the senses, the body elements, and the organs (both the internal and the external including the brain).

The brain is a very important part of the body organs because it is through the brain the communication from the soul reaches the body. The ’Will’ move the motion, and the brain picks it up and communicates the emotion to the body for action

The Revelation:

The purpose of our body is our human existenceand contact with the physical world in order to carry out God’s assignment on earth.

According to the scripture as in Romans 12:1-2; 1 Corinthians 6:20, the Body is to be submitted to God as part of our destiny.

Under the old covenant, the people tried to submit the body to God by their physical performance (what they could do from the physical angle this includes the maltreatment of the physical body). At that time, God accepted it from them and gave them the law to live by and the thought of their mind (which is part of the soul) was never considered. It was; do good and get blessed, do bad and get cursed. Under the old covenant, the soul was NOT the major issues BUT the principle remained that anyone who lived from the soul, experienced a higher life than others who only lived by subduing their physical body in other To please God.


The soul is also of three parts. The main part, the ‘Mind’, is for knowing, remembering, thinking, and considering. The ‘Will’ is also a part of the soul. It is the part through which we have our purposes, choices, and make decisions. The ‘Emotion’, another part of the soul, is for us to love or hate, to like or dislike, to be joyful or grieved. All our emotional feelings, positive or negative, are in this part of our soul.

The Revelation:

With the soul, we live a higher life above the body.

The soul controls the body. Whatever we are in our mind, will be manifested in our body.

So, when Jesus came, He addressed the issue through His emphasized of serving God with all our mind. His emphasis moved from the subduing and struggling of the body to the part of our soul which is the Mind.

For generations, man doesn’t know why he cannot do what he wanted to do and that which he doesn’t want to do is what he is doing (Romans 7:21).

Concerning sin, Jesus said that the sin of adultery is committed in the mind first (Matthew 5:27,28). It simply means any sin committed in the body is committed in the Mind first.

Under the New Covenant, those that will love God must love God with all their mind (Matthew 22:37). Under the Old Covenant, it was suggested for a higher life (Deuteronomy 6:4:7) but it was not the condition for judgment at that time, the condition for the judgment was the keeping or breaking of the law with what they do with their physical body and not what they did in their mind.

God spoke through prophet Jeremiah that the covenant that will work must be a covenant that works from the mind and that was the declaration of the New Covenant which Jesus came to establish (Jeremiah 31:31:34; Hebrew 8:7-13).

Under the New Covenant, the mind is very important in everything, and it is the center for all things between God and man (from salvation to finance), God looks at the mind, He sees who man is from man’s mind because what man does is as a result of whom man is in his mind.

With the part of our soul, man is able to live a higher life than the life lived during the old covenant period.


Our spirit is composed of the three: the conscience, the fellowship, and the intuition.

Just as the fellowship follows the conscience, so the intuition follows the fellowship. If we are wrong in the conscience (i.e. if not born again), the fellowship is broken, and when the fellowship is broken, the intuition does not function. The dealing with the conscience (i.e. salvation) is therefore very basic. A transparent conscience (cleans with the blood of Jesus at salvation experience) will bring us into the presence of the Lord, resulting in a living fellowship with Him. Through this living fellowship, it is easy for our spirit to sense the will of God directly—this is the function of the intuition. This function depends entirely upon a perfect fellowship. When our fellowship is perfect, the intuition functions properly. When our fellowship with the Lord is broken, automatically the intuition does not work and can only be recovered through the restoration of the fellowship.

In the world to come (heaven), the focus will no longer be on the soul but on the spirit, we will live fully 100% in the spirit. Our mind will be dominated by the spirit 100% and no more suggestions from the physical body – This is what I call the restoration of the total man (spirit soul and body).

Anyone who lives in the spirit now will be living a higher life than those who just live from their soul only.

We should start learning how to live in the spirit now. This will be when the soul will be overshadowed by the word of God until we become one with the word of God – that is becoming spirit.

Remember, true knowledge is “being.”

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The mysterious tied together of the soul and the spirit is called the “heart.”

The Heart is the bridge between the soul and the spirit.

The heart could not be a separate part in addition to the spirit and the soul. The heart is a composition of the first part of the spirit and all three parts of the soul. It includes the conscience (Hebrew 10:22), the first part of our spirit. Thus, it condemns (1 John 3:20) as does the conscience. It also includes the mind, the will, and the emotion, which are the three parts of our soul.

Because the Heart is a combination of the part of the one-third of spirit and all the parts of the soul, therefore in order to live the higher life while on earth is to live from our heart.

We can enjoy heaven on earth now through the application of the “Heart.”

The higher life on earth now is living from the heart.

The unbeliever cannot live from the heart because they have no heart because their conscience which is part of the heart is dead.

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God bless you all. Written by Pastor Edward Osas Idele

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