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The Significance of Our Faith – 1 Peter 1


When Peter wrote his letter, things were changing. In the beginning of the first century church, the government remained unconcerned about this new religious sect. As the church grew, the constrictions of the government increased. Peter is writing to a people who are finding it increasingly difficult to live their faith.

Even today it is not easy being a Christian, but we must find a way to live our faith without compromise.

Peter helps us gain some insight into how to live an authentic Christ centered faith in the midst of some difficult times.

I. Timeless faith – 1:4-5
The question is not if we have faith, every one has faith. The atheist has faith that his rational reasoning has removed the possibility of God. He has faith in his intellectual ability. Others have faith in their abilities, skills, connections, friends, family and themselves. Everyone has faith. The question is where is your faith anchored?

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